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Gone are the days of what happens on a cruise, stays on a cruise until it docks. Wi-Fi enabled cruising is the new search term for customers looking to travel the seas whilst staying in touch with family, friends and checking in to the office too. So why not use your ship’s Wi-Fi network to stay connected to your passengers too?

Mi-Room mobile ordering technology is cloud-based, making it accessible via any internet-enabled mobile device.

Mi-Room mobile ordering technology is cloud-based, making it accessible via any internet-enabled mobile device without the need to download and find storage space for an app. Passengers can view the full range of services, excursions, events and entertainment you are offering onboard from their very own mobile phones, tablets and laptops, with the facility to order, book, make payment or charge to room or cruise card.

Whether your passengers are waking up in their cabin, relaxing by the pool or sitting at a restaurant table, they can simply use Mi-Room to request your services through software that is tailored to your brand and can integrate with your existing cruise line point of sale system. Not only does Mi-Room improve your customer experience, it provides an opportunity to boost your revenue by making the extra charge services more accessible or enticing guests with upsell opportunities.

Passengers can browse a menu of food and beverages, spa treatments, room service, upcoming events and shows and even explore local attractions at their next port stop, with the option to book excursions with your cruise line.

As a cloud-based solution, Mi-Room is fully scalable with unlimited functionality. Unlike an app, it is easy to make daily updates and development changes without the expense or time-consuming processes. Mi-Room is delivered as a low-cost SaaS model, with little or no capital expenditure, making it a cost-effective mobile ordering solution that leverages revenue from an investment you have already made in your Wi-Fi network.

See our cloud vs apps comparison for more information on the differences between cloud-based mobile ordering and the use of apps. For more information on Mi-Room, watch our videos or get in touch.

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