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Amazing hotel technologies from around the world

Amazing hotel technologies from around the world

The standard for technologies used in hotels globally is one that is ever-evolving; mirroring the constant flow of innovations that emerge daily. Every aspect of the guest experience presents its own set of opportunities for hotels to employ new technologies that could really set their establishment apart from their competitors.

In recent years, the appearance of technologies such as in-room iPads to control features like room lighting, temperature, alarms and entertainment systems have become more common. However, there are several hotels across the globe that have taken an individual approach towards technological integration. Let’s take a look at a few examples of this approach in-action:

The Weird (Henn na) Hotel in Sasebo – a southwestern city in Japan - has an English-speaking dinosaur robot and Japanese-speaking humanoid robot that greet guests at reception. The robots are the hotel’s human-free check-in feature. This hotel also has robot concierge dolls in-room to provide guests with local tourist information.

Yotel in New York uses a robot named the Yobot to store guests’ luggage in one of 150 bins using its mechanical arm. It can retrieve the items upon departure with a special pin and the guest’s last name.

Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas has smart rooms that can detect when a guest has entered their room. The in-room system can then perform pre-set functions such as automatically opening the curtains, playing music, turning on the TV, or adjusting the temperature to the guest’s preference.

Hotel 1000 in Seattle has Built-in infrared detectors in their rooms that are designed to alert housekeeping staff when a room is occupied. They also have a system that allows guests to choose their own room temperature, music and even artwork.

For kids, there is one hotel that is unrivaled in the use of technology to entertain and engage. The Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo offers a Pokémon AR treasure hunt for children. The treasure hunt – called The Power of Ten – is the first of its kind and was exclusively designed for the hotel by The Pokémon Company.

For a truly unique take on the fusion of technology and hospitality, we look now to Blow Up Hall 5050 in Poland. Featuring many art installations within its walls, the hotel is self-described as an “Interactive work of art”. Guests are given an iPhone to help them find their room; a room which is one of only twenty, all without numbers.

All of these examples, from the relatively ordinary, to the rather more extraordinary ones, demonstrate how innovations could be used to create an experience that will most likely resonate with each hotel guest for years to come.

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