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A small and friendly service is part of the charm of staying in bed and breakfast accommodation. Guests expect home from home comforts along with the convenience of a freshly cooked breakfast to start the day, but what if they wake up deciding they would prefer breakfast in bed or need an ironing board to iron their shirt?

You may have a phone system they can use to call your staff from their room, but you are relying on your guests to speak up, rather than giving them a choice.

Mi-Room’s mobile ordering technology can be fully branded as your B&B’s solution to make all your services accessible to your guests. As cloud-based software, Mi-Room can be accessed via any internet-enabled mobile device. There is no need to invest in technology for each of your rooms; guests can simply connect to Mi-Room via their own mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Along with improving your guest experience, Mi-Room enables you to upsell items, such as side orders with breakfast. It can also be used as a platform to promote the local area and nearby attractions.

Delivered as a low-cost SaaS model, with little or no capital expenditure, Mi-Room is a cost-effective alternative to a B&B developing and maintaining a mobile ordering app. As HTML cloud-based software, it has unlimited functionality, can be easily updated by your internal staff on a daily basis and its guest-facing interface can be fully tailored to your B&B’s branding.

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