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Boosting hotel revenue with mobile ordering

Mobile ordering is an increasingly requested service in hospitality. The millennial generation, in particular, expects instant, personalised service in more and more venues.

Meeting this demand previously required hotels to invest heavily in the development of their own native app. But now, thanks to the rise of cloud technology and the convergence of several more, web-based mobile ordering is an alternative. Hotels can now meet the growing demands of their guests and boost their revenue via web-based mobile ordering.

So how does web-based mobile ordering actually boost hotel revenue? Here are 6 statistics we have pulled out of our web-based mobile ordering platform this year.


Web-based mobile ordering conversion rates:

1. The conversion rate across all of wi-Q’s venues has grown month on month throughout 2017. For November, it sat at just over 40%. In comparison, the average global conversion rate on e-commerce websites sits between 2-4%.


2. In one of our client’s venues, non-English speaking users such as mainland Europeans, are almost twice as likely to order via wi-Q than an English speaking user.

wi-Q can translate your menu into over 22 different languages – including Arabic and Chinese. This gives your customers the option to browse, order and pay in a language of their choice. Even if you do not have the customer's specific native language, it may be more comfortable for them to browse your mobile ordering menu as there is no pressure to converse with a member of staff in a different language.


Returning users:

3. The majority of sessions are from returning users.


4. Once a user has placed an order on wi-Q, there is a 69% chance they will place another order if they return to wi-Q.

This is why the wi-Q conversion rate has grown month to month. Our venue’s customers are becoming increasingly familiar and used to the convenience of app-free, web-based mobile ordering.


Mobile vs desktop:

5. Interestingly, 70% of sessions at one of our coffee shop venues, are viewed on a desktop/laptop - a stark contrast to global, mobile device usage trends.

wi-Q can be used on any Internet-enabled device. This is perfect for the office worker, who wants to pre-order their lunch in between work, on their desktop or laptop. In other venues, of course, we see the complete opposite, where the large majority of orders are placed on a mobile phone.


Return on investment:

6. The average order at one of our client venue’s increased by over 30% when wi-Q was introduced as an ordering option.

Customers tend to spend longer than expected to browse the menu on wi-Q. We can only speculate at this stage that as they are more relaxed with the ability to order when they are ready. There is no pressure to order from a member of staff who is ready to take their order. We believe that this, coupled with wi-Q's upselling and cross-selling capabilities is why wi-Q and Mi-Room clients experience an increase in average order value and the frequency of orders.

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