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Hotels tap into the demand for mobile ordering

The age-old saying that patience is a virtue is becoming harder to justify, certainly when it comes to ordering and purchasing items. With the help of mobile ordering, we can have what we want, when we want – and if our favourite store can’t meet our needs, we’ll simply look elsewhere. This expectation is no less true for the hospitality industry. Mobile ordering facilitates the quick, on-demand service that today’s society is used to – even from our hotel rooms. It is expected to become a must-have amenity, alongside free Wi-Fi access - and is already producing some measurable demand. 

So, what are hoteliers saying about mobile ordering?

In a survey we carried out in partnership with The Caterer in Spring 2016, 92% of respondents operating in the hotel industry stated that they see mobile technology playing a role in the future of their business. However, only 19% had turned to a mobile ordering app for their solution. This isn’t surprising, given the most popular reasons for having not implemented mobile ordering yet, were that it’s too complicated or too expensive or because of concerns over customer use or how it will integrate with their current systems.

Improving customer experience and speed of service are high on the priority list for 90% of respondents, and if mobile ordering is the way to do this they would expect to make a significant investment. 38% of respondents would expect to pay between £1000 and £10,000 in capital expenditure for a branded mobile ordering and payment solution, while 6% estimated a cost of over £50,000. On top of this, 60% would expect the monthly service to cost up to £500 and 19% thought it would cost more.

The good news is, there is far more cost-effective and efficient solution than a mobile ordering app.

Cloud-based technology is the future of mobile ordering and our developers have worked closely with leading hotel software providers to create a whole product solution specifically for hotel guestroom services. Mi-Room, powered by Wi-Q Technologies, is the first fully scalable cloud-based solution to make guestroom services more accessible and profitable. The software can be accessed by guests via their own internet-enabled mobile device, without having to download an app. It can display menus of all your hotel services, for example, food and beverages, spa treatments or concierge services, for your guests to browse, order from and even make payment or opt to charge to room.

Refreshingly, our cloud-based software can be implemented with little or no cap-ex and is delivered on a low-cost SaaS model. As HTML5 technology, it is a ubiquitous solution for hotels operating with multiple brands of software, ensuring full integration with existing systems, including Micros.

The industry has been telling us that it is time to find an alternative to mobile ordering apps – now is the time to make the move to the cloud; giving your guests what they want whilst leveraging revenue from your Wi-Fi pipe.

For more information on Mi-Room, please get in touch.


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