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Mi-Room Training

Tools to Guide your employees through technological change

Make learning accessible, social and fun, whilst obtaining the necessary reporting tools to measure its success

  • App-free, LMS training platform
  • Gamified learning + videos!
  • Social learning
  • Personalised content
  • Custom reporting
  • Additional boost to order value and frequency

Mi-Room have populated a gamified learning management system, to help clients introduce their employees to Mi-Room's web-based mobile ordering, giving them the knowledge they need to integrate the technology into their current operations.

The platform does not require employees to download an app, nor does it require them to sit at a desktop. Employees can complete the training, playing against their colleagues for points, badges and rewards on their own mobile device.


The emotional journey of change

Kubler Ross Model - Mi-Room

The Kubler-Ross model suggests that there are five emotions or stages that employees go through when facing change within the workplace. The five stages, which are: Denial, Fear, Depression, Experimentation and Acceptance, are mapped out on the graph above, representing the emotional journey that many employees will go through when a new technology, such as wi-Q, is introduced within the workplace.

There are several ways that hospitality businesses can combat this natural reaction to change. One of them is education.  The first step is ensuring the employee knows and understands what wi-Q is designed to do and how it works. Once they are empowered with this knowledge, employees can transition from the negative emotions towards experimentation. Fortunately, the wi-Q platform is extremely intuitive to use. Despite its web-based nature, it is designed to look and work like a native mobile app, an interface which many consumers are already used to using. Once an employee has experimented, they are much more likely to realise the potential benefit that wi-Q has for both themselves, their customers and their employer. The above gamified, learning management system is designed to accelerate the employees' journey through these emotional stages.