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Our Research Partnership with The Edge Hotel School

The latest mobile ordering research from Mi-Room and The Edge Hotel School

wi-Q Technologies recently tasked 4 students at The Edge Hotel School with a consultancy project relating to mobile ordering and the implementation of Mi-Room; a cloud-based mobile ordering solution for hotel guest services.

The Edge Hotel School is based in the University of Essex's Colchester Campus, at Wivenhoe House, a 4-star hotel. The location gives students the best of both worlds, a degree from a leading university, and the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals, putting what they learn immediately into practice in a real life, 40-bed country house hotel.

Eloise Balls, Melita Beman, Abigail Frost and Gerado Rodriguez, 4 students in the final year of their BA (Hons) Hotel Management conducted their own research and produced a report on wi-Q Technologies cloud-based mobile ordering solution for hotels, Mi-Room. Much of their research was conducted within Wivenhoe House, interviewing both employees and surveying guests.

The report had 3 core objectives. Firstly, to analyse the drivers to change and the implementation of mobile ordering. Secondly, to gain a wider understanding of how mobile ordering platforms have disrupted other industries and thirdly; to investigate the efficiency gains and forecasted profitability of Mi-Room. Overall, the report gives readers a sense of how mobile ordering would affect a hotel such as Wivenhoe House.

One of the major barriers to mobile ordering implementation, which the report highlights, comes from hospitality employees' concerns over reduced interaction with guests. Mi-Room connects guest to the back-end of hospitality directly, allowing them to place an order/request without any face-to-face interactions. Whilst some interviewees expressed concern over this, others felt it would give them more time to concentrate on the guest interactions that matter most, such as welcoming them or serving them their food and drinks.

the future of hospitalityOur Head of Partnership Solutions, Patience Tagborlo will be holding a seminar on the future of mobile ordering in hospitality on Tuesday 26th September at 12.30pm in Seminar Theatre 3 at Hotel Tech Live 2017. Patience will walk attendees through the barriers to implementing new technologies using the report produced by our student consultants at Edge Hotel School. Patience will also outline exactly what a cloud-based application is and how it provides hospitality with a more lucrative, seamless and innovative solution, which will grow alongside emerging technology and the industry itself. If you would like to attend the exhibition and seminar, register for free tickets here.

We will be pulling out sections of the report and posting it on our blogs, so follow us on social media or get in touch to subscribe for email updates.

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